The Look of Love


An interactive experience to conquer a cat with a glance

In order to guide Pet Lovers to a greater understanding of cats’ behaviours, we created an experience based on the reading of the player’s facial expressions.

Dealing with cats often means facing unintelligible behaviours and reactions. The Look of Love is a playful way to learn about cats' feelings and how to interact with them by exploiting users' webcam and microphones.

The algorithm in action

At first, the experience flow was designed in great details, building a complex timeline considering all the interactions and feedbacks.

We then decided to use three experience drivers: users' expressions, voice volume and speech recognition.

At each step of the flow, the user is asked to perform a specific action such as calling the cat, smiling or calling for "palla" (ball in Italian).

This challenging website was built in Nuxt with a great help of the well known FaceApi.


  • Awwwards – Honorale mention
  • Digital Design Awards – DDA of the week

Tools and technology

  • Nuxt.js
  • SpeechRecognition API
  • FaceApi
  • Vercel

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